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better health clinics australiaPromotes fast recovery in the area of pain management, injury recovery and healing from chronic diseases. Scenar therapy can help a wide range of health conditions but is best known for its remarkable ability to give lasting pain relief. Scenar devices use mild electrical impulses to stimulate and focus the body’s powerful self-repair systems.

The Scenar is a hand-held, electro-stimulation therapeutic medical device. Scenar Therapy is unique because it interactively locates, measures, and prompts problem areas in the body through the skin to help relieve pain and restore function. Scenar’s deep, and usually permanent, results make it one of the most effective of all complementary therapies, and its reputation is growing fast.


Conditions most effectively treated are:


better health clinics australia

Skeletal, muscular and nerve pains

Sprains, strains, swellings

Hematomas, inflammation

Digestive, circulatory, respiratory difficulties

Chronic fatigue and stress

Results reported for the SCENAR have been remarkable. There seems to be very few ailment categories that it cannot assist. Improvements in particular conditions are simply the result of applying procedures developed over two decades of the device’s use to effect a change in skin/body response to the SCENAR signal/impulse.


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